Income After Taxes

Alexei Fetissov
3 min readJan 16, 2021


The widening gap of income brings suffering from anxiety for the poor and the rich. Inevitable clashes loom over our hope of survival. The first stumbling block is taxes. Taxes are not fair. That is a problem. But do not worry folks. Mathematics saves the world.

There is a magic formula, where the symbol

means the income value Before Taxes, the symbol

means the income value After Taxes. We need two coefficient symbols for the poor happiness

and the rich happiness

, don’t we?

This is the formula to save the world:

Each country has its own vision of the rich and the poor happiness.

Now we have a nice formula for a particular country:

Let us fiddle with the formula.

The green line shows the value of the taxes:

The red line shows the percentage of taxes:

Oh, my God! The poor do not pay taxes before they earn more than $9000. Of course, they would like it.

What about the rich?

Their taxes will never exceed 30%. They must be happy and proud to participate in the progressive tax rate program.

The political figures will enjoy the highest rating ever.

Of course, tastes differ. The coefficient

could be expressed in reciprocal form

No problem.

But there is one more way to make the world better. Another magic formula can save the world as well.

In this case, we use only the single coefficient

It means direct expression of the income value that will be charged by 31% taxes.

For example, we choose $50000 must pay 31% taxes. Then

Enjoy the simplicity of total happiness.